As A School

Give students the opportunity for experiential learning through a partnership with Pamoza.

Facilitate service-learning projectsService learning is a pedagogy that allows students to learn through strengthening communities. Because successful service-learning projects should be student-driven, Pamoza is willing to partners with your school or classroom to design the best project that serves the communities in Malawi but aligns with student skills and interests.

Invite us to speak: Pamoza makes learning fun. We are available to come and speak to your school or your classroom about Malawi culture and/or community development. Our sessions are interactive, engaging, and free. We want to expose students to how people live in Malawi and how their actions in the United States can help or hinder others.

Join our recycling program: Pamoza accepts empty ink cartridges and used cell phones, which we recycle for cash and use to fund our programs. Recycling allows students to make a difference for the environment while helping people in Malawi.

Adopt a school: We currently work with three schools in North  Malawi, which all lack the appropriate infrastructure to properly educate children. Classrooms are typically one room with limited lighting and are over-filled with students. There are no desks, chairs, or school supplies. We can match your school with a school in Malawi to identify and fund-raise for school needs.

Donate school supplies: Many students in rural Malawi lack basic school supplies which are so readily available in the U.S. Your school or classroom can collect school supplies for Malawi.
These can include notebooks, pencils, sharpeners, chalk, calculators, etc. Please note we cannot accept anything requiring electricity or batteries.