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Bethany Hogan

Confirming Moments by Bethany Hogan

July 8, 2018

Today was an awesome day! We went to two church services. The first one was at St. Andrews, and the second was at Christian Love Church. Pastor Paul James, who is a missionary, preached at Christian Love Church. His message was so powerful and really spoke to me! We actually went to lunch with Pastor Paul James, his wife, and Dr. Walters. Pastor Paul James spoke into my life and confirmed so many aspects of my future in missions. That was one of the most memorable experiences on this trip for me! God moved in so many ways today! Later, we visited Rafiki Orphanage and I loved it! Maybe, if my mom agrees, I will do an internship there next summer! The Principle was talking to me about it. I can’t wait to see how else God will work in me through this trip!

-Bethany Hogan

James 4:7 by Bethany Hogan

Serving school breakfast in Zowe

July 1, 2018

James 4:7

“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

I need to put on the armor of God and live by the fruit of the Spirit. Read God’s Word and follow Him. I need to depend and trust in God for my strength in missions. I know this is the first step and there is much more to come, but I am ready to surrender everything to follow God’s plan for my future in missions. I prayed that I can deny myself and the devil and let God’s light shine through me, and for His words to come out of my mouth.

One of the songs I learned in Tumbuka is called “Fa Na Na”. It says to be like Christ, walk like Christ, and serve like Christ. I love this song, and I can’t stop smiling every time we sing it!

-Bethany Hogan

Making Friends in Unexpected Places by Bethany Hogan

July 5th

Friends on the Pamoza staff

Let me start off by saying that the roads are extremely bumpy in Zowe. I can’t believe I have survived all of Mr. Mtika’s crazy car rides!

We have been able to do a few household visits–and these are so awesome to experience. We visited Jessie, Rizzie, and Witness. I was able to pray for Rizzie and her family right there with them! We were able to see both Jessie’s and Witness’ houses inside and out! A young woman named Dorika, ask me to take a picture of her. After I show her the picture, she said, “Oh, I am so happy we are friends!” That was so cool how God worked!

Next, we were able to visit the rural hospital. They only have two nurses on staff. The one nurse told us that 45 babies are delivered per month in the hospital. They didn’t even have signs on the doors. Instead, it was a piece of paper taped up with the words written in marker. It was eye-opening to be able to see that.

Lastly, I have had so much fun with everyone on the team! Ms. Muriel makes me laugh so much. Mrs. Orthey, Temwa, Mr. Mtika and I had a great time laughing at all of our great experiences! I couldn’t stop laughing at the beginning of dinner tonight! I am glad that God has allowed me to have so much fun with everyone, including the Pamoza staff and the people here in Malawi!

The Childen of Zowe by Bethany Hogan

I got to meet some kids in the community

July 4, 2018

We have been so busy. But having such a great time! I was able to play ball with some kids, wave at people a lot and smile all the time! We went to a health clinic yesterday and some of the mothers saw that I was waving and smiling at their children, so they sent their kids over to sit with me. That was so awesome to interact with their families! We also visited the Nursery School. The kids sang and dance for us. They were all so sweet! When we were at the school, a little girl remember me from playing ball with her. That was so awesome! I even was able to interact with some of the women in the village. I was able to see one woman’s house, that was beautiful! Today I was able to experience the morning of a high school student. We walk with Harriet and Joyce. We walked for 1 hour and 30 minutes which was 3 miles, and that is only one way. In total it was 3 hours for 6 Mi! These girls walk 30 miles a week just for school. After school, they go home and do all of their chores! That was so cool to experience their everyday walk to school. I will never complain about going to school because I am able to drive instead of walking. I am so blessed to be able to have a car, home and a loving Mom. God has been so good to allow me to experience all of this!


The Missionary Life is for me by Bethany Hogan

June 30, 2018

Playing with the kids from Zowe

Wow! Africa is so amazing! I have already experienced so much and we have only been here for a few days. God has let me experience the life of a missionary in many different ways. First, I did face some spiritual battles against Satan. The Lord use this to have me depend on His work, and I feel so relieved that God help me flee from Satan. Second, I have been able to see a completely different culture. Malawi is so beautiful! Third, I have been able to see God move so much! He is so good! He protects the missions team and me. We got here safely and He provides for us in any circumstance.

I love the people in Malawi! I definitely can see myself doing Mission work in the future as I love the people, place and seeing God’s work. The girl I met named Laura asked me “Is that your real hair?” I told her it was and she felt it and said, “It’s so soft! Does everyone have hair like this in America?” She also told me that she had never met an American before. That was just one of the times I was able to meet and talk to the people.

Lastly, I’ve have had so many new experiences. One of them being that I carried a bucket of water on my head just like the Malawian women. I can’t wait to see what else God has planned for this mission trip and for my future in the mission field.

P.S. Mom, I saw monkeys!!!

All Packed & Ready to Go – by Bethany Hogan

June 24, 2018

So I have been packed for over a week now, and I am so excited for Malawi!! I can’t believe it’s in three days!! Mrs. Orthey and I were both so excited at church that we are able to go! I can’t wait to see what God has in plan for my team and me! Please keep us in your prayers while we are traveling and there! 

💜– Bethany Hogan