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Christian Outreach

Our Goal: Develop beneficial, assertive and purposeful relationships among people, with their God, and with their environment, and utilize these relationships in improving livelihoods.

Strategic Actions:

  1. Conducting Bible Studies, discipleship activities, and training on the role, nature, and importance of the social, spiritual, and physical environment in Christian outreach and community improvement endeavors.
  2. Conducting family ministries, prayer, worshipping, choir ministries, literature production and distribution, and video/film shows.
  3. Visiting households, families, and clans to find out challenges, opportunities,  and relational contexts people face and experience.
  4. Understanding the nature of witchcraft/witch-hunting and developing strategies of dealing with these social ills.
  5. Undertaking clan-level Bible Expositions, community-level evangelistic meetings, festivals, and training (youth, men, and women) seminars.
  6. Undertaking social and christo-cultural entertainment festivities.