Our Goal: Support individual entrepreneurs and identify community business ventures then implement them to generate revenue to be used in development activities in the communities.

Strategic Actions:

  1. Community Businesses: Starting community business ventures that generate profit for the community and can be used to meet community needs
  2. Micro Business Ventures: Supporting individual entrepreneurs, primarily through training and capacity building
  3. Pamoza Cooporative: Providing community members the opportunity to sell their commodaties while benefiting from banking and loan services as well as business contracts established for the benefit of all members. The Co-op gives members access to capital and business resources they would not have on their own. 
  4. Village Savings and Loans Groups: Facilitating savings groups where members save together and take out loans from the group. The interest from the loan belongs to the group and is shared out at the end of the year. We currently have more than 900 participants
Village bank members are trained on the process of saving collectively and loaning to each other