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Our Goal: Prepare children and the youth in Zowe and contiguous communities for leadership and entrepreneurship.

Strategic Actions:

  1. Improving educational facilities and supplies (classrooms, books, teaching instruments, library, and teachers’ accommodations).
  2. Managing Educational Scholarship Trust Funds designed to help those who have passed standard 8 national examinations and have been selected to national secondary school but are unable to afford the cost.
  3. Attracting and retaining qualified teachers through good teachers’ houses and through bonuses to teachers when students at the schools in the communities are selected to national secondary schools.
  4. Implementing a School Breakfast Programs to provide mid-morning enriched porridge to school students, many of whom do not have breakfast prior to arriving at school.
  5. Developing integrated farms for each school as demonstrations for students to learn improved farming technologies that they can use in their lives but also to produce corn, soybeans, etc needed for school breakfasts; surplus produce could be sold for some school income.
  6. Exposing students and teachers to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.