Our Goal: Prepare youth in rural Malawi for leadership and productive life by supporting their education.

Strategic Actions:

  1. School Breakfast Program: Running school breakfast programs, currently feeding 1,500 students every school day at 4 of our partner schools.
  2. School Farms: Running four community farms to produce corn, soy, beans, and peanuts for school breakfast with the surplus being sold and the income invested into schoolimproving activities
  3. Educational Resources: Improving school facilities and providing learning supplies and materials, including solar lighting and school desks
  4. Scholarships: Providing school fees for students to attend college and high school, which is not free in Malawi.
  5. Adult Literacy: Running adult functional literacy programs. We recruit and train volunteer teachers to teach literacy and numeracy skills to adults who never learned to read.
Pamoza has provided scholarships to more than 100 students for college and high school, which is not free in Malawi