Focus on Education by Trudy Orthey

We did so much today.

First, visiting one of the small school communities and watched the women make breakfast porridge. Bethany and I helped a bit. We even carried water on our heads! Then we went to Pamoza International corders for a devotional meeting. After breakfast, we went back to watch the breakfast be served. We helped a little with serving. Each child gets one cup full.

After lunch we went to visit two communities to see their adult literacy programs. The drive was not too far. The first [classroom] we visited had a small building about 12‘ x 12‘. When we entered there were many adults and children already sitting on the floor which was made up of rocks. I think it is the foundation for a cement floor. They brought chairs in for us. We sat around the room. [It was a] great introductions for me.

We watched a lesson by the literacy teacher. Some of us got to speak as well. The people are so poor… They really have nothing. One woman, who has gone through the program and cannot read and write, said it is hard to come to class when our bellies are empty when we go to sleep. In other words, “why should we give up a couple hours a day to study reading and writing when we have much work to do and can’t even fill our bellies?” It is a good question. I do not have an answer.

Adult learners in class while we watch lesson.