Meet Bester Gondwe

Born in a small village in rural Malawi, Bester Gondwe’s narrative chronicles her life as a struggling widow with 4 children. After the death of her husband in 2010, Bester found herself in a precarious situation wrought with strife and survival for her and her children. Although she attended church, Bester was not a born again Christian. However, in 2015 Bester gave her life to Christ and is now fully committed to the work of God as evidenced in her day-to-day actions.

Bester has become a role model to several women in Zowe. She is a member of the Presbyterian Women’s guild and a woman of virtue. Her commitment to Christ goes beyond the church and into the home where she raises her children in a godly way in the hopes that their lives will show a life well-lived in Christ.

Although Bester dropped out of middle school, she has a deep understanding of the importance of education especially for people in her community. Because of this, and with some help from Pamoza International, she has worked really hard and managed to provide an education for her children. Her oldest son is now a graduate of Bunda College of Agriculture, her second and third daughters both attend the Natural Resources College, one as a sophomore and the other a junior. And finally, her youngest daughter is now a freshman in high school.

Her commitment to working with Pamoza shows her passion for community development, economic sustainability, and spreading of the gospel. When Pamoza was establishing itself in Zowe, Bester volunteered to be part of the Steering Committee as a chairperson to spearhead development. In 2016, she underwent a micro enterprise development training program that led to an economic boost for her. She is currently the owner of a small store at Euthini trading center and has also found success in her farming where she grows various crops, rears pigs, and raises chickens.

Her life is a testimony and she captures it in this way, “After the death of my husband, I really experienced God’s grace. I have no reason to doubt God’s providence. The Bible I received from Pamoza has helped me to read Gods word all the time. I now want to focus on God’s work and raise my children in a godly way”.