Every school day, nearly 1,600 students receive breakfast through our School Breakfast Program.  It costs us $10 per year to provide breakfast to one student for the whole school year.

Pamoza currently partners with 20 elementary schools in rural Malawi and we are able to provide breakfast in 4 of those schools: Zowe, Mchingasanya, Mseza, and Kahelere. Our goal is to grow to more schools in the future depending on funding and local community engagement.

When Pamoza began operations in 2005, many students were attending school without eating breakfast. This trend contributed to malnutrition in the community and poor academic performance and attendance among students.

With leadership from community members, Pamoza started a community farm for each school. These farms are managed and harvested by community members, and the produce is used to make enriched porridge, which is prepared and distributed by women from the community. As a result of the School Breakfast Program, student attendance has increased by more than 40% and the overall health of the community has improved. Together, we are creating sustainable programs for children and families.

Support our School Breakfast Program by donating to Pamoza or contact us to adopt one of our school farms. It costs $10 per student per year to provide enriched porridge for breakfast.