The supplies have arrived by Anna Rago

Friday June 29th

Today I woke up at 7 for breakfast. We ate at home and enjoy oatmeal, toast and tea. After breakfast, we went to Hope Ministry. They have emergency care for children. We donated suitcases filled with crayons. It was really cool because all of the school supplies we brought was because of my work at SAS and all the collections we had. They even brought some of the leftover things from the 5K that I hosted. It is neat to have physically seen the things I collect be in Malawi. Then we exchanged money. 740 kwacha equals 1 US dollars. I only exchange $100 so I got 7400 kwacha. Then we went to the mall and Shop Right. The mall was beautiful! It’s only 2 years old and you can buy anything. After, we went to a store and I got a beach bag. Everything in Malawi is cheap. I got lunch for 4 kwacha which consists of a roll, pasta, a banana and salad. My bag was only 11 kwacha. The cool thing about the bag is that the workers are all handicapped. This is their work which we are supporting.

After that we went to the market. It was crazy! We first went to go look at sewing machines where boy told me he loved me twice!! In the actual Market, we went to buy fabric. Each piece was 2000 kwacha. When we got there, I took a picture and a whole section of workers screamed at me! I didn’t buy from them. There was one nice lady who danced to make me feel better. I bought really cool fabric. Someone had a dress made. I’m going to have shirts made. One of the team members said she will make me one. After that we came home, ate dinner then went to bed.

Supplies from St Anastasia delivered to the Mission.