James 4:7 by Bethany Hogan

Serving school breakfast in Zowe

July 1, 2018

James 4:7

“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

I need to put on the armor of God and live by the fruit of the Spirit. Read God’s Word and follow Him. I need to depend and trust in God for my strength in missions. I know this is the first step and there is much more to come, but I am ready to surrender everything to follow God’s plan for my future in missions. I prayed that I can deny myself and the devil and let God’s light shine through me, and for His words to come out of my mouth.

One of the songs I learned in Tumbuka is called “Fa Na Na”. It says to be like Christ, walk like Christ, and serve like Christ. I love this song, and I can’t stop smiling every time we sing it!

-Bethany Hogan