Considerable Favor by Temwa Wright

Ready for a 15-hour flight?

June 27, 2018

It’s the first day of our mission trip and I feel great! we have had considerable favor during the flight process. In NY, Pam’s son, Phillip, helped us have a smooth check-in. He works for the airport and helped us navigate challenges. We brought an extra bag but faced no questions and no additional cahrges. Praise God!

I nearly left my carry-on at the airport. I had already boarded the flight when Ms. Muriel said, “is that all you brought?” referring to my backpack. That prompted me to remember that I had left my carry-on out in the lobby. I rushed off the plane and found it exactly where I had left it. Praise God!

Ms. Muriel needed a wheelchair to get to the gates and this gave us considerable favor too because we were able to bypass so many lines. Who would have thought a wheelchair would be an added travel advantage. (One woman even tried to pretend she was part of our team so she could bypass the long lines. It didn’t work. LOL).

So far, so good. Our team is getting along well. Now we just have to survive the 15-hour flight to South Africa and 2 hours to Malawi. It’s a long flight but we will survive.

Pamoza for Christ