Over the past year, Pamoza has had a significant impact on the communities we serve. In addition to helping people like Thomas Zgambo and Leah Jere (featured above), we have also partnered with people in Zowe, Kahelere, and Mchingasanya communities to:

  • Organize over 100 evangelistic outreaches, prayer fellowships, school Bible clubs, and family discipleship meetings
  • Provide enriched porridge for breakfast to over 1,200 children each school day through our School Breakfast Program
  • Provide sanitation training, preventive health care, treatment of common diseases, and training in prevention of HIV/AIDS to over 1,000 people
  • Run 3 school farms that grow corn and soybeans used in the school breakfasts and also provide additional revenue that is invested back into the communities
  • Support 4 students with funding to enable them to attend secondary school
  • Run grocery shops that sell needed groceries to community members at affordable prices and, in the process, generate income that is invested
  • back into the community

Host a mission team of 20 individuals from the U.S. who brought solar lights, Tumbuka bibles, school supplies, and medicine.
Since 2005, our programs have expanded from serving approximately 1,200 to more than 4,000 people every year. We plan to grow contiguously to other communities in Malawi and beyond.