The Childen of Zowe by Bethany Hogan

I got to meet some kids in the community

July 4, 2018

We have been so busy. But having such a great time! I was able to play ball with some kids, wave at people a lot and smile all the time! We went to a health clinic yesterday and some of the mothers saw that I was waving and smiling at their children, so they sent their kids over to sit with me. That was so awesome to interact with their families! We also visited the Nursery School. The kids sang and dance for us. They were all so sweet! When we were at the school, a little girl remember me from playing ball with her. That was so awesome! I even was able to interact with some of the women in the village. I was able to see one woman’s house, that was beautiful! Today I was able to experience the morning of a high school student. We walk with Harriet and Joyce. We walked for 1 hour and 30 minutes which was 3 miles, and that is only one way. In total it was 3 hours for 6 Mi! These girls walk 30 miles a week just for school. After school, they go home and do all of their chores! That was so cool to experience their everyday walk to school. I will never complain about going to school because I am able to drive instead of walking. I am so blessed to be able to have a car, home and a loving Mom. God has been so good to allow me to experience all of this!