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Pamoza means “together” in Tumbuka, a language spoken in north Malawi, Africa. We believe in working together with the people we serve to improve their quality of life. They come up with projects and ideas for how to improve their community and we come alongside them and work Pamoza, together, to accomplish those ideas.

As a Christian non-profit organization, Pamoza’s programs are motivated by obedience to Christ to share the gospel by loving, caring, and laboring with the underprivileged. Pamoza’s work is guided by (a) laboring together with community members to improve their quality of life – physically, spiritually, and economically and (b) bringing other concerned people to join in helping underprivileged communities to have a joyful and fulfilling life.

Pamoza’s work focuses on five main initiatives:

  • Christian outreach
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Health Care
  • Agriculture and Food Security

Our work is currently focused in northern Malawi, which is among the world’s least developed and most densely populated countries. We started in 2005 in one particular community, Zowe, and have contiguously expanded to three additional communities, and we are currently serving a population of 6,000 people. These communities are rural and agrarian; they have no electricity and running water. They are also susceptible to HIV/AIDS infection, which currently affects nearly 12% of the Malawi population.